Projecting the Knicks’ starting 5 after Donte DiVincenzo signing

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The New York Knicks have added another pillar to their Villanova unit, signing free agent guard Donte DiVincenzo to a four-year contract valued at $50 million.

DiVincenzo: A Versatile Addition to Knicks’ Roster

DiVincenzo, a noteworthy addition to New York, offers commendable defense and above-average outside shooting skills. With the Golden State Warriors last season, he scored at a rate of 39.7% from the three-point line and started 36 out of 72 total games.

Now, the Knicks can utilize DiVincenzo either in the starting lineup or from the bench. Given his extensive experience in both roles and his overall compatibility with the team, the Knicks can now field two different starting formations:

Potential Starting Line-up One:

  • Point Guard (PG) – Jalen Brunson
  • Shooting Guard (SG) – Donte DiVincenzo
  • Small Forward (SF) – RJ Barrett
  • Power Forward (PF) – Julius Randle
  • Center (C) – Mitchell Robinson

Or a Different Line-up Featuring:

  • PG – Immanuel Quickley
  • SG – Donte DiVincenzo
  • SF – Josh Hart
  • C – Isaiah Hartenstein

Regardless of the chosen role for DiVincenzo, he is expected to integrate seamlessly with both the starting five and the bench.

Impact of DiVincenzo’s Position on Team Dynamics

Including DiVincenzo in the starting lineup alongside Jalen Brunson introduces an additional sharpshooter with strong playmaking and defensive skills.

Alternatively, incorporating him in the second unit might be the optimal strategy at least for the season’s start. Quentin Grimes has proven his worth as an excellent defender with a quick jump-shot trigger. He recorded a shooting rate of 39% from the three-point range last season, averaging over 11 points per game. This was a substantial development year for the third-year guard from Houston.

Considering his impact on the Knicks’ game pace and the rapport he has established with the current starting unit, it might be best to begin the season with DiVincenzo coming from the second unit alongside Quickley, Hart, and Hartenstein.

Such a role for DiVincenzo promises a balanced mix of shooting, defense, rebounding, and playmaking from the bench. Moreover, the bench would be filled with hustle plays and quick pacing, creating a deep nine or ten-man rotation with minimal weaknesses.

Further Changes on the Horizon

It is important to remember that the current Knicks roster could still undergo changes, given the competitive trade market this offseason. Such alterations could impact DiVincenzo’s position in the Knicks’ rotation. Regardless of his spot in the lineup, DiVincenzo is anticipated to significantly contribute to the team’s spacing and defense.

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