One thing New York Knicks fans should want this season

New York Knicks
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The New York Knicks have a completely re-vamped roster this season.  There are some expectations for them as well.  The expectations for the Knicks are to be better.  It is New York, and their teams are expected to win.

However, the Knicks are rebuilding, and so far they are doing it the right way.

Many fans would like to see the Knicks make the playoffs and make some noise in the Eastern Conference.  While having these optimistic thoughts for the Knicks is good, there really should only be one.

That one thing is for the New York Knicks to be competitive.

The Knicks won 17 games last season and had the worst record in the league.  They were anything from competitive.  Remember how the fans reacted when the Knicks on their 17th game?  You might have thought it was a playoff game.

Even if the Knicks are competitive, there will be a different vibe throughout the city.  Being competitive for the Knicks will be winning 30-35 games.  That does not get them into the playoffs, but it is a start.  It is the kind of start this team will need to turn all their misfortunes around.

Even when the Knicks won 17 games, fans were still coming back for more.  The Knicks being competitive gives the fans hope.  There is hope with the way the roster is currently constructed, but fans need to see the product on the floor.

These Knicks players are talking a big season.  They believe in each other and want to win, according to Julius Randle.  All Knicks fans want to win as well.  But, why don’t they start will simply being competitive and showing the fans that they are moving in the right direction.

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