One starting point guard the Knicks could target at the trade deadline

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It is no secret that the New York Knicks have been eyeing potential point guard targets at the trade deadline, but one name has gone under the radar over the past few weeks. Washington Wizards PG Spencer Dinwiddie presents an intriguing option for New York after passing on him during free agency this past off-season.

Dinwiddie signed a three-year, $54 million contract, set to earn $18 million next season. The Knicks are trying to get rid of several big contracts, so a prospective trade for Dinwiddie shouldn’t be out of the picture.

The reality is simple, Kemba Walker isn’t a proper fit for Tom Thibodeau’s style. He needs a more physically imposing PG with better court vision. Walker hasn’t scored double-digit points since January 18, seven consecutive games. He scored zero points in two of his last three outings, recording just seven against the Los Angeles Lakers in an overtime loss on Saturday night against the Lakers.

If Thibodeau had Derrick Rose available, Walker might not even see the floor again this season, which seemed to be the consensus before a myriad of injuries plagued the position. Alec Burks, unfortunately, isn’t the facilitator the Knicks need. The team has relied on Julius Randle to pick up the slack in the assists category.

However, Dinwiddie is averaging 12.8 points 5.8 assists and is shooting 37% from the field this year. His scoring production has been rocky, but he is still a solid player who has far better vision and youth compared to Walker.

Defensively, Dinwiddie currently hosts a 114.5 rating, which is quite poor. Walker sits at 112.8 with a -9.2 net rating overall. Nonetheless, unless the Knicks are willing to part ways with youth talent to acquire Jalen Brunson from Dallas or De’Aaron Fox from Sacramento, Spencer might be their best option.

The situation in Washington does not promote Dinwiddie’s future success. Earlier this season, Spencer tried to speak up as a leader but wasn’t received well, which may indicate his teammates don’t necessarily respect him in that regard.

If Washington is simply trying to get his contract off the books, the Knicks could look to swap players with the Wizards, potentially including Evan Fournier and Walker in a deal.

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