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New York Knicks: Zion Williamson For Anthony Davis?

by Bob Konarski

With the NBA draft less then 2 months away, the New York Knicks will have a lot of decisions to make.  Well, this all depends on where the ping pong balls land.  If the Knicks get the number one pick, do they consider trading it to New Orleans for Anthony Davis?

Some fans may think this is a no brainer.  How can you trade away the number one pick, if they so happen to get it.  Welp, for a player like Davis, you’d have to consider it.

However, in this case, you simply can not do it.  Zion Williamson is going to a superstar.  This is not saying that Davis is not.  But, the ceiling for Williamson is so much higher.  There has not been a player coming to the NBA with this hype since LeBron.

Yes, Davis is already established and some consider him the best overall talent in the NBA.  They are not wrong.  But, players around the league are going to want to play with Williamson.  He has the skill set, personality and likability that makes him appealing.

This is not saying that players do not want to play with Davis.  But, he could have put a bad taste in players and fans mouths in New Orleans for stating that he will not sign with the team long term.  Zion does not command that treatment yet, but that will come in time, trust me.

And to those fans that want to see Davis in a Knicks uniform along Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, it is unrealistic unless the Knicks trade the first pick, aka Williamson.  Plus, the cap space is simply not there to have those 3 superstars on the same team.

Trading away Williamson would be one of the biggest bonehead trades of all-time.  He will be younger, on a rookie contract and already a superstar.  You simply can not do it, even for the player that Anthony Davis is.  Let’s not pull a New York Giants in this situation and trade away a superstar, if we so happen to be in that position.


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