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New York Knicks: With Cole Anthony’s NCAA Debut, Fans Are Ready To Tank

by Nathan Solomon

Cole Anthony made his NCAA debut for the North Carolina Tar Heels on Wednesday, and absolutely lit it up.

Anthony dropped 34 points and hauled in 11 boards in UNC’s 76-65 rout of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. He drilled six threes in eleven tries, also hitting a series of tough layups and pull up jumpers.

With his dominant performance on Tuesday, combined with the New York Knicks dismal 1-7 start, fans are ready to tank for him.

I definitely agree that Cole Anthony would be a great addition to the Knicks, but it’s way too early to seriously think about next year’s draft. The team has only played eight games, and there’s plenty of time to turn it around.

Plus, the team has dealt with some injuries and a few players leaving the team due to deaths in their families. Once they can get the whole team together and healthy again, they could begin to gel a lot more and coach Fizdale could have more of a consistent gameplan.

But, remember how well last year’s campaign to tank for Zion Williamson worked out? With the new draft lottery rules, the worst three teams had the same odds for the first pick and neither of the three got it.

At this point it doesn’t really matter because Zion can’t stay healthy and RJ Barrett has played well for the Knicks.

All I’m saying is that you shouldn’t give up on the Knicks yet. Cole Anthony would be great on the roster, but this season is far from over.

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