New York Knicks Trading Back This Draft?

New York Knicks

According to ESPNs Jonathan Givony, the New York Knicks are exploring options in this year’s draft.  The Knicks have been looking into trading back from the 3rd pick.

The Knicks are, allegedly, considering trading back in the draft for the 8th and 10th pick with the Atlanta Hawks.  Despite the rumors, SNYs Ian Begley reports these claims are not serious.

But for fun, the idea of this trade will get fans buzzing.  Why would the Knicks want to trade away the 3rd pick in what some are calling a ‘3 player draft’.

RJ Barrett could be selected by the Knicks with the 3rd pick and fans would not be upset.  Barrett is a very good player and may to have a long career in this league.

However, if the Knicks were to trade back, and get the 8th and 10th pick, then this opens up a lot more.  The rumor is that the Knicks could be looking for players to ‘better complement’ Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

If the Knicks were to do so, then they are going to have to spin this in a way so fans can understand.  Although, they will miss out on Cam Reddish and Jarrett Culver.  Maybe they would look at Kevin Porter Jr. and someone else?

But, we simply do not know.  We do not know how the draft will play out.  Knicks have to be 100% positive that they are going to get the right players if they were to do so.  For now, the Knicks should stay away.

With the Knicks luck, they will do the trade, pass on Barrett, he turns out to be an All-Star and the others are flops.  Although, Scott Perry has done an excellent job thus far in turning the roster around.  If he pulls the trigger, then fans have to trust his decision.