New York Knicks Summer League

The New York Knicks open up their NBA Summer League with a bang.  The newest New York Knick, RJ Barrett, will face off against his former teammate/roommate Zion Williamson, now a New Orleans Pelican.

The first game, against the Pelicans, is on ESPN on Friday July 5th at 9:30 p.m. EST.  The Knicks have three games following the first matchup of RJ & Zion. Sunday, July 7th against the Phoenix Suns.  Tuesday, July 9th against the defending champion Toronto Raptors.  Then their finale against the Los Angeles Lakers.  All games are at 9:30 p.m. EST.

The faithful Knick fans will see the draft pick that pretty much everyone cheered for. Barrett is ready for New York and so are the fans.  He may even be as loved as Zion is, well at least with New York fans.

Barrett does have a lot of pressure on him, but he is embracing that.  Kevin Knox had the same last year when he was selected 9th overall.  Knox had a very strong summer league, but a sub-par season.

Barrett will be a different story.  He was the number one player out of high school and in college, until Zion happened.  Barrett will be able to come to New York, be a plug-in, starter and produce.  He wants to be in New York and ready for whatever.  The Knicks organization and fans expect big things from RJ.