New York Knicks shunned by Kevin Durant before it even started

Kevin Durant never wanted to go to the New York Knick.

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The New York Knicks missed out on Kevin Durant this summer. As all basketball fans assumed, before he joined the Brooklyn Nets, Durant was joining the Knicks.

That reality fell short. In his first interview since his surgery, Durant opened about his decision, the injury, etc.

Durant spoke with Chris Haynes of Yahoo! Sports. The biggest takeaway from the article was Durant saying that he only considered the Nets and Warriors in free agency.

Was Kevin Durant telling the truth about his lack of interest in the New York Knicks?

It’s hard to believe what comes out of Durant’s mouth anymore. He was closely linked to the Knicks for almost two seasons, for what it’s worth.

It could have been the consistent connection between him and the Knicks that made it unappealing. In an earlier article, Empire Sports Media hoped that Knicks fans would quiet the noise of linking the Knicks and Durant. Clearly, that was far too much to ask.

However, despite whatever Durant may say about the Nets and their young pieces, it simply can’t be true that the Knicks weren’t considered.

The Knicks are the biggest draw to the city when it comes to basketball. The Nets do have up-and-coming talent, like the Knicks, and yes, the Knicks organization is not as stable, but that’s changing.

Missing out on Durant isn’t the end of the world. The Knicks made solid moves to improve their team and continue forward. But, to say that the Knicks weren’t even considered is a slap in the face to the Knicks fan base.

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