New York Knicks Rumors: Kevin Durant 100% Confirmed?

New York Knicks, Kevin Durant
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The New York Knicks rumors can’t stop, won’t stop.  The hottest new rumor is of potential future Knick, Kevin Durant, selling his Bay Area home and purchasing a place in New York.  This comes from Ric Bucher while appearing on The Herd.

Everyone, especially Knicks fans, know that rumors is what keeps fans intrigued.  A lot of fans love to buy into whatever they hear.  I know I have been guilty of this several times in the past.

However, it is simply just a rumor and nothing more.  Passionate fans love to get excited when they hear news similar to this and some do not.  Take it how you will.

Knicks fans need to take this so-called ‘rumor’ with a grain of salt.  The coverage linking Durant to the Knicks has been overwhelming.  To be honest, if Durant decided not to come, it would not shock me after all this.

Until the team makes it official that Durant has put the pen to paper and signed his New York Knicks contract, it is just a rumor.  Knicks fans will believe it when we see it.