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New York Knicks: RJ Barrett will have the best NBA career

by Bob Konarski
Will the New York Knicks draft Duke star, RJ Barrett in the 2019 NBA Draft?

The New York Knicks were able to get one of the best young prospects in this year’s draft.  RJ Barrett wanted to come to New York and play on the biggest stage.  With his ability and mentality to be a great player, will he have the best career of his fellow draftees?

NBA.com did their annual rookie survey and asked rookies several questions.  One of the bigger questions was, ‘who would have the best NBA career?’

Hawk’s  SG Cam Reddish led the way with 19% of the voting.  Followed by Grizzlies PG Ja Morant with 16%, then SF Hawk’s De’Andre Hunter, 11%.

Next came Zion Williamson, RJ Barrett, Coby White and Jaxson Hayes all tied for fourth with 5% of the voting for the best NBA career.  Everyone of these players have the potential to have a very long, successful NBA career, but only some will exceed those expectations.

Williamson is a run-away to have the most star potential, as we all figured.  He will without-a-doubt have the most lucrative NBA career since he is already the most marketable.  Williamson will have a long star-powered career if he stays healthy, works on his shot and loses some weight.

Reddish does not seem to pose all the tangibles to have the best NBA career.  He is lackluster defense and is not the best rebounder.  Reddish might be the best shooter, but to have to the best career out of his draft class, he will need to check more boxes when it comes to his overall play.

However, the overall ability that Barrett possesses for the Knicks should give him the best odds to have the best career.

Playing in New York is not easy.  But, give the kid credit for wanting to have that weight on his shoulders already.  If Barrett can figure out how to succeed in New York, he will be loved forever.

Barrett checks all of the boxes, as compared to all of his draftees, except Williamson.  Barrett can shoot, create shots, play defense, rebound and pass.  Not many other players in this past draft can say that.  He was the number overall recruit in the country before Zion stormed onto the scene, there must have been a reason.

He did not have the best summer league, but he is only 19-years-old.  We saw in the later games how he was able to get comfortable and more confident in his play-making.

Barrett has the ability and determination to make him one, if not, the best player in his draft class.  With his ability to perform on both sides of the court, RJ Barrett can have the best NBA career out of his fellow draftees.

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