New York Knicks: Point-Guard plat will be essential moving forward

New York Knicks, Frank Ntilikina, Julius Randle

New York Knicks starting point-guard Frank Ntilikina has found his confidence. Ntilikina put two straight significant, and solid performances together. The Knick guard scored 11-points on 5-7 shooting along with 4-assists and 3-blocks during the loss against the Detroit Pistons.

The following game against the Dallas Mavericks Ntilikina scored 14-points on 5-12 shooting along with 4-steals, 3-blocks, and 4-assists. Ntilikina also connected on 4-5 three-pointers. The young guard is bringing it on both ends, and he’s being rewarded with big minutes. Frank is solidifying himself.

Growing pains is normal for a newly constructed team. The New York Knicks are learning each other, and there seems to be an identity-forming with the young group. The defense will be critical for the Knicks moving forward, and Ntilikina is becoming the anchor.

Knick fans have been either hot or ice-cold on Frank Ntilikina. Many nonsupporters say there isn’t anything there in terms of talent. However, many pro-Ntilikina Knicks fans believe the complete opposite. Ntilikina has been proving the naysayers wrong, and the supportive fans are loving every second of it.

Overall, the Knicks seem to have found their long-sought for point guard moving forward. FIBA Frank will look to continue his two-way onslaught.

Defensively, Ntilikina can hang with the best of them. If he isn’t shutting the opposing guard down, he’s making them uncomfortable due to his ability to use his wingspan and quick hands. Steals, chase-down blocks, and taking charges embodies the defensive style of Ntilikina for a full 48 minutes of NBA action.