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New York Knicks Moving Ntilikina During Draft?


The New York Post reported yesterday that the New York Knicks could be moving Frank Ntilikina.  The article stated that the team “will explore” trades for the French guard during this upcoming draft.

Marc Berman also reported that Ntilikina could be move if the Knicks could get a first-round pick in return.  Personally, that is highly unlikely for the second year man.  His production has not been seen to require a first-round pick, so we can stop that now.

Trading Ntilikina does not come as a surprise to fans.  Ntilikina’s name has been on the block since before this past trading deadline when he was linked to Orlando.

Let’s be honest.  Ntilikina has been underperforming since he was drafted by then general manager, Phil Jackson.  Does Ntilikina have a lot of upside still?  Yes, and he’s still very young.  But, it seems that he just does not fit with this new regime under Coach David Fizdale.

Ntilikina has been injured, but even when he is in the lineup, he doesn’t really bring much to the table.  He has his moments and I still believe Ntilikina can be a lockdown defender in this league.  It just might not be with the Knicks.

Fans want the Frank Ntilikina era to work, as do I.  It just seems that Ntilikina might be better off in a different organization that can and will devote more time to his overall development.  Ntilikina would be the perfect San Antonio Spur.

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