New York Knicks Mock Draft 4.0: Packaging picks and finding impact players

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With the NBA Draft just two days away, the New York Knicks are gearing up to potentially make a big move to acquire an impact player who can produce in year one. Last year, the team selected Obi Toppin 8th overall and Immanuel Quickley 32nd overall, surprisingly seeing more production out of their second pick. Quickley had himself a fantastic first year in the NBA, serving as a primary shooting guard and being tested as a point guard on occasion. He averaged 11.4 points, 2.0 assists, and shot 39% from three over 4.7 times per game.

This time around, the front office needs a player who will elevate his teammates, specifically Julius Randle, especially if the team is preparing to offer him a max contract. Someone who can facilitate and maximize the center position would be ideal, which leads us to one of the best passers and transition players in the draft class.

New York Knicks Mock Draft 4.0:

1.) Knicks package picks 19, 21, 58 moving up to No. 15 with the Washington Wizards, selecting Sharife Cooper

In this scenario, the Knicks move up four spots, selecting Sharife Cooper out of Auburn. Some might believe that Cooper isn’t worth being selected at 15, but if you have a player who you hold in high regard, it’s never too early to select them. Just think about all the players who teams have passed on over the years based on big boards.

Nonetheless, Cooper averaged 20.2 points, 8.1 assists, and shot 46% from the field this past season. From range, he only connected on 23%, but he is believed to be a far better shooter than statistics indicate.

While he’s a bit undersized at 6’1″, 180-pounds, Cooper is arguably the best assist man at the collegiate level, and the Knicks desperately need a point guard who can share the ball effectively while also creating shots of his own. Cooper has Trae Young potential, but of course, we can’t guarantee he will ever get to that level. He’s worth taking a big chance on, simply based on his vision and instincts.

2.) Knicks draft Quentin Grimes with the 32 overall pick out of Houston

After trading away three packs to move up to number 15, the Knicks settle at 32 with Houston shooting guard, Quentin Grimes.

The Knicks are reportedly intrigued by Grimes, who worked out with the team just a few days ago. At 6’4″, Grimes transferred from Kansas to Houston in 2019, and while some believe he could be a target in the mid-20s, in this scenario he drops to 32. He currently ranks as the 29th best player on ESPN’s Draft board.

With Houston this past season, Grimes averaged 17.8 points, shooting 40% from three, over 8.3 attempts. Averaging 32.8 minutes per game over 30 contests, Grimes is clearly prepared to take the next step in terms of live-action and endurance. It seems as if the front office keying in on shooters from range, and Grimes fits the bill nicely with the addition of adequate defense.

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