New York Knicks ‘Secretly’ Met With Kevin Durant?

Are the New York Knicks in a good spot to land Kevin Durant?

The New York Knicks might have had a ‘secret’ meeting with Warriors forward Kevin Durant.

In a report from Newsday Steve Popper, Durant and the Knicks “had already held a secret meeting, that a handshake deal was already in place and that endorsement deals were already ironed out.”

Durant being linked to the Knicks is the talk of ‘The Town’.  See what I did there.    All of these rumors are still up for debate.  However, how can fans not get excited when they hear something to his magnitude.

NBA executives all over the league have said that Durant to the Knicks is happening.  Again, all up for interpretation at this point.

Reports came out a while ago that the MSG Networks could offer Durant his own television show if he signs with New York.  Could this have been something that was talked about during the meeting?  Could the meeting have taken place  while the Knicks were in Oakland in January?  Twitter sources tell us.

Durant and his business company, Thirty-Fives Ventures, moved their headquarters to New York a few months ago.  Could this have been another telltale sign of Durant coming to New York?

More rumors will continue to trickle into the media limelight once the season concludes.  One thing is for sure, Durant to the Knicks will constantly be front and center for fans to debate.