New York Knicks: Looking Into Top Prospects For The 2019 NBA Draft

With the New York Knicks back on the east coast after a long road trip through the West Coast, the Knicks come back with one of the worst records in the NBA. Primed for a high draft pick in June, New York should have their choice at some players with great potential.

So who might the Knicks draft?


Florida State Head Coach Leonard Hamilton called Zion the greatest player the NBA has seen since Michael Jordan. There is lots of hype around Zion, a player who can do 360 dunks, and dribble up the floor as a player that weighs more then the Yankees’ Aaron Judge.

There’s good reason for all the hype as he is averaging nearly 21 points per game to go along with 10 rebounds. If the Knicks don’t have the 1st overall pick, there’s a chance that they won’t be able to draft Williamson.


The 6-foot-7 freshmen who also plays for Duke is scoring more points that his star teammate, Zion. He is averaging 23 points per-game, with 4 assists and 6 rebounds. If the Knicks are looking to pair an elite scorer with Kevin Knox (possibly Kevin Durant) on the wings, RJ Barrett could be the perfect fit.


Sensing a theme here? Three players, all Duke prospects. The Blue Devils are stacked this year with players oozing with potential. Out of the “big three” freshman, Reddish has been the biggest disappointment of the three. Reddish is a few inches taller then Barrett, and not as good of a scorer. My guess is that the Knicks would pick Barrett over Reddish if they have that choice in June.


The little guard out of Murray State has lit up the college basketball world, and has soared up mock draft after mock draft. Morant is 6-foot-3 and some consider him the next Russel Westbrook. At one point Morant was leading the NCAA in assists, and will more then likely be the first point guard off the board. Do the Knicks want to take Morant and make him their future point guard, moving Frank Ntilikina to the bench, the shooting guard position, or another team?

Out of those four players, I think there is a decent chance that one of those four will be a Knick next season. Of the four players, RJ Barrett seems to be the best option in regard to the Knicks’ needs.

Yes, I’m aware of everything Zion has done in two month of college ball, and I think he has great potential, but if I’m in Scott Perry’s shoes I don’t want another big-man. Forwards and Centers are currently the strength of the Knicks’ future.

Kevin Knox, Kristaps Porzingis, and Mitchell Robinson all have immense potential as a cohesive unit. At the shooting guard position the Knicks have Dameyon Dotson, who, as much as I like Dotson, I don’t view as a starter on a championship team. I could see Dotson being a quality bench guard for a top-team.