New York Knicks Looking For History To Repeat Itself Tonight

New York Knicks, Patrick Ewing

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The New York Knicks are looking for lighting to strike twice.

34 years ago, the Knicks had a 14.29% chance to land the top pick in the 1985 draft.  The Knicks were able obtain that top pick and selected Patrick Ewing, bringing basketball back to New York.

Tonight, one of the greatest New York Knicks, Ewing, will be sitting in for the team during the lottery.  He will be looking to provide good juju to obtain the coveted Zion Williamson.  The Knicks have a 14% chance to again land the top pick in the draft.

The franchise and their loyal fans will be watching on pins and needles tonight, hoping that Ewing can bring the Knicks some good fortune yet again.  The NBA lottery will be on ESPN at 8:30 pm ECT.  If there was any time that the Knicks needed the 1st overall pick, tonight is the night.

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