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New York Knicks: Lebron James gives Kevin Knox essential piece of advice


The New York Knicks have been in a state of purgatory for years, but one of their young, talented prospects has struggled to gain his footing.

The NBA has welcome Kevin Knox into its clutches rather than open arms. The physicality and speed of the elevated game have proven to be problematic for the young forward, but there’s reason to believe he can increase his efficiency in the future, especially in driving to the hoop and shooting from mid-range. Don’t forget about Knox’s troublesome defensive traits — basketball has never been more difficult for the former Kentucky standout.

However, Knox detailed how his childhood idle, Lebron James, gave him essential advice on adapting to the NBA:

“[LeBron] gave me a couple of tips here and there. It was just a great talk. Anytime you get to talk to a player like LeBron, you just sit there and listen, you don’t really say much, just soak it all in. You really just listen to the advice that he’s giving you.

I think one of the biggest things that he said was, ‘Just stay locked in throughout the whole season.’ There’s going to be ups and downs, social media is going to try to bring you down, there’s going to be times when they hype you up, but he was just telling me to stay levelheaded because there’s times he doesn’t have great games.

He’s not really worried about what people are saying, he’s just getting back into the lab, getting back into the gym, putting more work in,” Knox descrbied via Twitter.

Knox went from starting 57 games in 2018 to just four this past season, which seems to be in flux for the remainder of the year. The rest of the season may be canceled due to the coronavirus, putting Knox out of his misery.
The most valuable piece of advice Lebron offered Knox was to ignore social media throughout the season. Knox being so young and involved on social media could ultimately be a significant negative, as when the trolls are awake, so is his imagination. Avoiding online fans at all costs is a necessity in modern-day basketball, and if I were Knox, I would seriously be considering those choice words.
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