New York Knicks Kevin Knox does play soft but not all the time

New York Knicks, Kevin Knox
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Before the New York Knicks let David Fizdale go, was brutally honest about one young player.  Fizdale said that Kevin Knox sometimes plays “soft.”  While it most likely wasn’t said with bad intent, it could be interpreted that way.

Knox had an awful start to his second-year.  It didn’t help that the team added more power forwards to take away minutes from him.  Knox only averages 17.9 minutes per game so far this season.  But before the NBA season was suspended due to COVID-19, Knox’s game took a turn for the better.  He was able to show Knicks fans the talent is there, just need consistent minutes.

However, despite showing some glimmer of hope before the suspension, Knox does have a tendency to play soft.  There are numerous times during a game that he can be seen standing around the perimeter.  He goes in spurts with playing energized and making cuts for a big slam.  That’s the player the Knicks want.

His college coach John Calipari said that Knox was a ‘project’.  While Knicks fans knew that before the draft, the upside is what gives fans hope.  But the negatives throughout his career certainly out way the positives.

All areas of Knox’s game has decreased this season.  He seems very slow on his feet defensively and has trouble switching defenders.  He chases the defender more often than not which makes him a liability.  But he’s a player that needs confidence instilled within him to perform.  That’s what the Knicks need to do.

There are a few players that the Knicks passed on to take Knox in 2018, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander is one.  Fans can play the ‘if what’ game if Knox doesn’t start to turn his career around.  Knox is only 20-years old and still has big potential.

He’ll need to find a consistency in his game before his rookie contract is in two seasons.  The New York Knicks will most likely pick up his options because they don’t want to give up on Knox just yet.

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