New York Knicks: Jeff Van Gundy ‘open’ to returning to the bench with ‘right team’

New York Knicks, James Dolan

Former New York Knicks head coach Jeff Van Gundy is ‘open’ to returning to the bench.  However, it might not be with the Knicks.

Van Gundy was on Instagram Live chat with former Knicks point guard Charlie Ward.  He said, “I’m definitely open to coaching in the right spot at the right time.”  Basically everything within the organizations as to be in order for Van Gundy to accept a coaching job.  The front office, assistant coaches, have to be on the same page going forward for the future for Van Gundy to even consider that franchise.

The owner will be another factory for Van Gundy to return.  The Knicks owner has been controversial, getting himself in sticky situations that makes him and organization look bad.

Van Gundy said he had job offered over the last twelve years but he didn’t think they were “the right fit.”  While with the Knicks for seven seasons, Van Gundy was 248-172, .590 winning percentage, with the team from 1996-2001.  He led the Knicks to the NBA finals in 1998-99, ultimately losing to the San Antonio Spurs.

Van Gundy has been, by far, the Knicks best head coach in the last two decades.  His teams had some of the best talent minus the early 2010s with Carmelo Anthony and company.  He’s an excellent coach that players can relate to and play hard for.

Although, with all the distractions thanks for the Knicks owner, Van Gundy returning to New York seems unlikely.  The organization is rebuilding in every way possible.  There’s a new regime coming in with new team president Leon Rose and a new front office.  So maybe Rose can sell Van Gundy on being a focal point in the turnaround.

Van Gundy has the coaching knowledge and experience that a franchise needs in a coach.  But with how the organization currently stands, Van Gundy returning to the New York Knicks seems unlikely.

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