New York Knicks: Interim Coach Mike Miller Provides Great Game Management

New York Knicks, Mike Miller

New York Knicks Interim Coach Mike Miller is staring at a 7-11 record since taking over the head coaching job of the New York Knicks. There’s definitely one huge difference between prior Knicks coach David Fizdale and current coach Mike Miller. The difference is Mike Miller’s game management ability. The ability to manage game momentum and putting personnel in positions to succeed is special and also underrated.

Knicks when healthy are looking like a different team under Mike Miller. Yes, they’ve suffered a few bad losses, however, those losses don’t negate the fact that the Knicks have tremendous respect and are playing hard for their fairly new coach. Plays are even being executed after timeouts and that is very crucial in terms of swinging momentum and managing games.

Some fans are still complaining about certain substitutions Mike Miller makes. However, the Knicks current roster consists of several logjams position-wise and it doesn’t make it easy to figure out rotations. Yet Mike Miller somehow makes lemonade with the lemons he’s provided with.

Two adjustment’s I’ve noticed a slight improvement in is how the Knicks defend the three-point line and the spacing offensively. Mike Miller is a developmental/fundamental kind of coach and slight improvements/adjustments for the young players on this Knicks roster is definitely priceless.

Overall, the former 2017-18 G-League Coach of the Year is getting his feet wet with the young roster. Miller’s college coaching experience can only bode well for his approach to the game amongst young players. The Knicks are currently in talent acquisition mode after the Fizdale firing. Therefore, Mike Miller is in the right place due to the tremendous opportunity to hone and develop talent.