New York Knicks Interested In Two Other Celtics

New York Knicks, Kyrie Irving, Boston Celtics

The New York Knicks do not only have their sights set on Kyrie Irving.  The team is reportedly having interest in ‘Scary’ Terry Rozier and Marcus Morris Sr.

This news comes as somewhat of a surprise for the Knicks.  They have been linked to Irving for what seems like forever.  However, being linked to Rozier seems relatively new.  The Knicks did have interest in Rozier last season as well, Real GM reports.

Our guess is that the Knicks are looking for a backup plan if Irving does not sign with the Knicks this off-season.  Not a bad place to start.

Rozier is just waiting for his time to be the starting point guard of a team.  However, he is a restricted free agent.  So, if the Celtics lose Irving then they might match whatever offer comes forward.

Morris, on the other hand, seems like he would be a perfect Knick.  He is having a career high in field goal percentage, 44.7%, and rebounds, 6.1.  Morris also adds 13.1 points off the bench this season as well.

He is a bruiser that is not afraid to get dirty.  Morris seems he would fit perfectly in the with 90s Knicks.  He might not come as cheap as his current contract considering how valuable of an asset he could be.

If the Knicks were to miss out on Irving and a point guard in the draft, then Rozier could be a solid option to possibly take over the starting reigns?  He’ll have to compete with Dennis Smith Jr. and Frank Ntilikina for that spot first.