New York Knicks: Implementing Defense Sooner Than Offense May Be a Great Strategy

New York Knicks, Allonzo Trier

The New York Knicks started the preseason with their offense looking mostly stagnant. A offense that lacks precise ball movement allows opposing defenses to collect itself. Once opposing defenses get comfortable guarding the stagnant offense ran by the Knicks, turnovers begin to pile up. All of a sudden, the Knicks are on the opposite end of a 12-2 run.

David Fizdale and his coaching staff been harping on defense during practices all training camp and preseason. Defense is definitely priority for the Knicks, however, poor offense can be detrimental to any defense. Therefore, Once the offense and chemistry for the Knicks catch up, the Knicks defense will begin to flourish especially if Knick players are still sold on the gritty tough style of defense Fizdale wants them to play.

Fizdale has belief in the Knicks offense, which is why he’s letting the offensive side of the ball take care of itself for now. As the season goes on, more offense will be taught. The New York Knicks has a plethora of young talent at the guard position. The more an offense play together, the more chemistry and trust they build and it clearly shows on the court. Lots of player rust is being shaken off during preseason by certain players fighting for rotation minutes. Therefore, it’s extremely crucial for Knick fans to stay patient because the true product might not reveal itself until the middle of the season once everybody is fully acclimated with one another on the basketball court offensively and defensively. The Knicks could very well flourish during the second half of the season.

Overall, the New York Knicks have an improved team this season. No fan should mention tanking at all. It’s a process which must be trusted and defense will catapult the change that Knick fans been drooling for.