New York Knicks: If RJ Barrett Goes to Memphis, What do the Knicks Do?

The New York Knicks could have a few options when it comes draft time.  Reports have surfaced that the Memphis Grizzlies has ‘mixed messages’ when it comes to point guard Ja Morant.

Morant went through a minor knee surgery and tweeted its success.

The Knicks have been linked heavily to RJ Barrett.  However, if the Grizzlies are, allegedly, rethinking Morant.  This opens up scenarios for the Knicks.

Barrett expressed his desire to play in New York.  He has also denied the Grizzlies a private workout.  It is clear that he wants to a Knick.  But with Morant’s knee giving the Grizzlies pause, they could end up selecting Barrett over Morant.

Saying the Grizzlies do select Barrett, who do the Knicks select?  The Knicks already have a young point guard in place with Dennis Smith Jr., who is under contract for next season.

Smith Jr. played well after coming to New York.  However, with the hype around Morant and his superstar like expectations, it only makes sense to take Morant.

Many have said that this is a ‘3-player draft’.  However, the draft is deeper then some may think.  Teams may believe more in Morant and give up a haul to get him.  Then, the possibility of the Knicks trading their pick comes back into play. But, that rumor is apparently untrue at the moment.

Regardless of who the Grizzlies selected with the second pick, the Knicks will have to select the best player available.  Whether that is Barrett or Morant, the Knicks will get a player that will be a franchise cornerstone for the next decade.