New York Knicks High On Duke’s Cam Reddish

Now, before New York Knicks fans get all crazy, this is simply a scouting report.  Nothing more.  So, get all of those thoughts of taking Duke’s Cam Reddish over fellow teammate Zion Williamson out of your head.

The NBA lottery is less than a week away.  We still have no idea where the New York Knicks are going to be selecting.  The talent evaluators for the Knicks simply believe that Reddish’s game would translate well to the association.  This report was done by SNY’s Ian Begley.

Reddish is not going in the top 3 and we do not know if the Knicks are going to be picking there either.  However, the entire basketball world has an inkling Williamson is going number one pick.  Followed by Ja Morant and RJ Barrett, or vice versa.

Even though the Knicks have one of the 3 highest chances to land the first pick, there also is a possibility that they land outside the top 3.  Reddish would be there at pick 4 or 5 to be selected by the Knicks, if they happen to get one of those picks.

But, again we will not know the order until May 14th.  That is when the real speculation will begin.  The Knicks believe that Reddish can be a good NBA player and that is it, for now.  Some will take this as it is and some will think he is the guy.  Next Tuesday, the top 4-5 picks will be pretty clear, depending on the how the ping pong ball fall.