New York Knicks free agency update

Kevin Durant, Brooklyn Nets

Former New York Knicks center Enes Kanter sees Kevin Durant playing in New York.  However, Kanter believes it will not be for the Knicks, but for the Brooklyn Nets with Kyrie Irving.

Kanter was on the The Herd with Colin Cowherd yesterday.  Kanter basically said that Durant will not be able to handle the harsh New York media.  He then expressed how much he loved New York and all that jazz.

Durant declined his 31.5 million dollar player option on Wednesday, making him an unrestricted free agent.

Irving was also in New York apparently looking for apartments.  Reports have surfaced that Irving likes the Nets ‘infrastructure’ as he struggled with that in Boston.  Him and Durant also met, allegedly, to discuss their future playing together.

The Knicks still have a very good chance at signing Durant.  Take this how you will, but Durant was in New York for his surgery and was seen around the city.

All signs appear to have Irving signing with the Nets and Durant is still a question mark.  Then Ice Cube came out and gave his two cents on the Durant/Irving free agency saying, ‘they might as well go to the Knicks. Go do it. Make history’.

Rumors will be circulating big time over the next free days.  Fans will speculate until they are blue in the face.  But, to be honest, we really do not know what is going on.  Durant & Irving can land with the Knicks, Nets or someone else.  We simply do not know.

Expect some early fireworks Sunday night and hope it is displaying blue and orange colors.