New York Knicks Fans Should Be Rooting For The Warriors

Are the New York Knicks in a good spot to land Kevin Durant?
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The New York Knicks and their fans should be cheering on the Golden State Warriors to win the NBA Championship.  Knicks fans now have something to root for this off-season.

Kevin Durant needs to win the MVP and Championship this year to lock in New York for next season.  If both happen, that would make 3 straight final MVPs and win for Durant.  He would have accomplished what he set it to do when he signed with the Warriors.

Now, it would be time to begin the ‘next chapter’ in his career.  See what I did there.  Durant would have the confidence to take the reigns of his very own team  and win a title on his own.

Durant is showing that he’s the best player in the NBA, currently, and why the Warriors are the team to beat.  However, he has kind of taken the role of the villain since going to Golden State and his on and off-court antics.

Do not get me wrong, if he were to come to New York, Durant would still most definitely be the the villain to the majority of NBA fans, except Knicks fans.  He can come to New York to try an repair this ‘villain’ image that is unlike the likable kid out of Texas.

Regardless of what some NBA fans would say, Durant coming to New York would be great for the game.  Compare that to him going to Golden State, some will say  that was bad for the game, but that is for another time.

Durant resurrecting one of the most historic NBA franchises will be great for the game.  With that being said, New York Knicks fans will be rooting for the Durant’s Warriors to bring their 3 straight title to The Bay.