New York Knicks: Exactly How Well Will RJ Barrett’s Game Translate to the NBA?

New York Knicks, RJ Barrett

New York Knicks rookie RJ Barrett’s game has a chance to translate well to the NBA. RJ Barrett’s style of play is predicated on making plays for his teammates and getting to the rim by any means necessary. For a rookie, RJ has amazing finishing ability at the rim. Due to the fact Barrett’s a young 19-year-old physical specimen at a chiseled 6’7 210lbs with room for growth, it certainly doesn’t hurt that he is a crafty and smart lefty who will be able to navigate his way to the rim at will due to his herky-jerky penetration style. This kind of style will cause one-on-one mismatches in the future.

Once the game slows down for the Canadian international star, he’ll live at the free-throw line and become a triple-double threat on a nightly basis, especially with his above-average rebounding. This young 19-year-old lefty scorer will need some time to adjust to the speed of the NBA game.

The New York Knicks are no longer just a misguided young team lacking leadership. This offseason, Scott Perry and Steve Mills continued spearheading the Knicks rebuild by signing a few vets including budding all-star Julius Randle. RJ Barrett having vets like Marcus Morris, Julius Randle, and Taj Gibson will only benefit his game overall. My prediction is the second half of this season, RJ Barrett will be settled in mentally and offensively/defensively improved. If RJ Barrett overachieves, the Knicks will walk into the playoffs. RJ Barrett will be a dark-horse for rookie of the year especially if he comes into the season with a suddenly improved jump shot and three-point stroke.