New York Knicks: Drafting Zion Could Lure Durant And Kyrie To Big Apple

Brooklyn Nets, Kevin Durant
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Big name players heading towards the twilight of their career often want to play on a winning team, no matter where they’re located. The New York Knicks are simply not a winning team, in fact, they haven’t been for quite some time.

The more enticing destinations would be the Los Angeles Lakers or Golden State Warriors, but not the Knicks…unless, they manage to hit the lottery on Zion Williamson (pun intended). Drafting a player of his caliber and dominance could be the difference in a successful organization or not. His ability to overpower defenders and shoot efficiently is unparalleled in college basketball. The NBA is a different story but it’s unlikely his skill-set isn’t able to translate.

Grabbing a player of his talent could be enough to convince some of the best players (Kevin Durant/Kyrie Irving) in the league to come to New York, despite the current narrative and 10-win team.

The front-office is putting the pieces in place – trading Kristaps Porzingis, Tim Hardaway Jr., Courtney Lee, and Trey Burke away to the Dallas Mavericks for Dennis Smith Jr., DeAndre Jordan, Wes Mathews, and two draft picks (one is unprotected).

The Knicks have adopted a youth agenda:

The Knicks have clearly cleared out the bad veteran deals on the team and focused on building from the ground up through youth. A superstar player would essentially have the authority to run the team, which would allow him to develop the players around him to fit his style. Meshing veteran players can sometimes be difficult, but the athleticism and adaptability of youth players is attractive.

Having a 19-year-old in Kevin Knox and an up and coming point guard in Smith Jr. is enticing, but winning a championship is an unrealistic reality in year one of the rebuild. Whoever chooses to invest their future in New York will have to come understanding that this is a three-year turnaround that will see improvements every year, meaning the patience is key.


When Zion Williamson was asked if he would enjoy playing with Durant and Irving for the Knicks he stated, “It would be dope.” Yes, Zion, yes, it would be.