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New York Knicks: Does David Fizdale Have the Hardest Job In the League?

by Mikey Murphy
New York Knicks, David Fizdale

There is a concern from New York Knick fans about a possible Knick locker room explosion. Many believe the Knicks signed too many forwards. Many also believe their personalities don’t mix. Is there a possibility of a personality clash? Of course, there will be personality clashes in practices and locker rooms around the NBA, however, the most important factor is whether or not every individual has the same goal in mind. That mutual goal better is about getting wins by any means necessary, and I’m sure Fizdale already made that message clear to the Knicks.

New York Knicks General Manager, Scott Perry, purposely built an iron sharpens iron kind of culture in New York. These players on the current Knicks roster will push each other to the max, hold each other accountable, and tempers may explode from time to time. However, none of it will be personal, unless one commits conduct detrimental to the team. Fizdale will surely communicate his expectations clearly to each player just like what he’s done in the past with prior NBA teams as a head coach and as a young assistant coach. There is no reason to think Fizdale’s style of coaching will change. It got him this far, so why would he abandon his style? Here’s Julius Randle refusing to back down, letting emotions get the best of him in a losing season.

Might I add that Fizdale possesses a bachelors degree from the University of San Diego in Communications? This man understands how to deal with egos. Perry and Fizdale are on the same page when it comes to contracts and egos, but that’s a topic for another day. Media company Knicksfantv seemed a little concerned when discussing Fizdale and possible future trade deadline developments.

Overall, every coach in the NBA has a job on their hands. Executing playing styles and development of players are important, however, communicating a clear message to your players behind doors and giving the media the sugar bits, in my opinion, is the perfect approach when leading a team of emotional, rugged, and opinionated individuals.

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