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New York Knicks: Dennis Smith Jr. has another goal for this season

by scoooch
New York Knicks, Dennis Smith Jr.

New York Knicks point guard Dennis Smith Jr. wants to accomplish a lot this upcoming season.  He first, and foremost, wants to be a leader.

What does being a leader mean in the NBA?  For starters, helping out your teammates improve and get better.  Besides improving his game, Smith Jr. added another goal for himself this season.  He would like to help the 3rd overall pick, RJ Barrett, win the Rookie of the Year.

That is a quality you want to see in one of your leaders.  Barrett has already set this goal for himself to achieve, but having a teammate who wants the same for a player only strengthens the team.

Smith Jr. said in a interview with Youtuber SEE HENDO, “I’m treating that as one of my focal points just to help him win Rookie of the Year.”

While this all sounds good, Smith Jr. should be worrying more about his own game.  It is great to have these intentions, but he has been working very hard on his own game.  Smith Jr. has come a long way from where his shot was last season to now.  Granted, it is not in game situations but still.

Smith Jr. needs to establish himself as a leader first.  Once he does that, he then can focus on helping Barrett.  The coaching staff wants to see this improved shot in the game and consistent.  After that, have at it.

There is no clear leader on this Knicks roster.  Randle by default?  But, it is his first year and he is clearly the teams best player without even playing a game yet.

If Smith Jr. wants to be the leader of this team, that is what he needs to focus on, which he is.  Pick one goal and stick with it.  Being the point guard is not an easy job.  Being the leader is most definitely not easy.  Smith Jr. has a lot to prove this upcoming season with all of the goals.  This year will be huge for his development.

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