New York Knicks: Bobby Portis May Become a Crowd Favorite at MSG

New York Knicks, Bobby Portis

The New York Knicks Might Have a new crowd favorite this upcoming season. The Knicks signed a 6’10” tall, high motor backup center Bobby Portis this offseason. This man is known to make winning intangible plays, and he refuses to back down from his opponents. Bulls fans loved Bobby Portis for the same reasons Knick fans will love and cheer him. Bobby Portis fits the new identity of the New York Knicks because he has heart and lays it all out every night. Bulls fans recognized his hard work and so did the Wizard fans during his very short stint in Washington DC.

The passionate Knick fans of MSG love hard-working hustlers who bring their lunch pales every single night. Similar to the Knicks of the 90’s era, a couple of guys that can score and a bunch of goons who just bring pain and intensity rounding out the rest of the roster sounds like an identity the Knicks are going for. Opposing players often say they love playing at MSG. However, when the Knicks go back to that gritty, physical, and stingy defense, the peaches and cream feeling of playing at MSG will disappear. Instead, opponents will dread the Knicks, which is what us Knicks fans want. Portis is part of the goon committee alongside Marcus Morris. Knick fans will love them both.

Bobby is slightly inconsistent yet skilled. He isn’t scared of big moments and he can knock down three-pointers. The wide-eyed center also possesses a decent mid-range game and pick-and-pop game. Portis is pretty good at finishing around the rim even though he lacks elite elevation.

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