New York Knicks Are Playing At A High Comfort Level.

New York Knicks, Julius Randle

The New York Knicks are playing well together offensively under interim coach Mike Miller. During their last three performances, Knicks are averaging 120-points per game. It’s becoming clear that the New York Knicks are no longer easy to overcome. Opponents now understand they’ll be in for a dog fight when facing the Knicks. Despite the losing record, the Knicks are playing at a high comfort level these days. As a result, the men who sport the orange and blue are much more fun to watch on the beloved Madison Square Garden floor.

On January 5th during a high scoring affair against the Los Angeles Clippers at the Staple Center, Marcus Morris scored his career-high 38-points, while Knicks lottery pick RJ Barrett broke out of his rookie-wall slump and contributed 24-points, 6-rebounds while shooting 9/11 from the free-throw line. Mike Miller’s offensive spacing has been superb and players are benefitting. Miller is becoming known for putting his personnel in situations to succeed on the basketball court. This leads to the Knicks being put in a position to win games. The next step is closing out opponents.

With continuity forming and a leader on the court in Marcus Morris stressing how he’d love to stay long term with the Knicks while embracing the mentor role and helping the young core, the comfort level amongst the players can only improve going forward. It looks like a winning culture is being built with Marcus Morris being part of that structure along with interim coach Mike Miller. Marcus Morris hasn’t been shy about wanting to be in this culture change. The Knicks have a chance to build through the second half of the season and gain a nuclear talent from the 2020 NBA Draft during the off-season then start next season with a deeper improved and motivated roster.