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New York Knicks: And the final roster spot goes to…

by scoooch

The New York Knicks are still looking for the 15th man to round out their roster.  There have been rumbles of a few names being tossed around for this coveted spot.

The two players that have been connected to the Knicks the most have been Lance Thomas and Vince Carter.

The Knicks did not re-sign Thomas after last season, but are still throwing around the idea of bringing him back.  Thomas averaged 4.5 points a game and 2.5 rebounds last season.  He was suppose to take over the leadership role last season, giving the veteran presence but it seemed like that fell by the waist-side after the first few weeks of the season.

Carter, 42, is the oldest player in the league and entering his final season in the NBA.  He would be a better addition to add to this young Knicks roster.  Carter would be able to bring more veteran leadership to the Knicks.  He would be able to tutor these guys and give them valuable mentor-ship, similar to what DeAndre Jordan did for Mitchell Robinson.

Thomas tried to be that guy last season.  Carter would be the better fit for this team.  While he would not bring that offensively or defensively, it would be the tutelage that would be the main reason the Knicks bring him in.  What a better send off for a remarkable career then to end it in the Mecca.

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