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New York Knicks again working out Hasheem Thabeet

by scoooch

The New York Knicks will work out Hasheem Thabeet again.  Thabeet will be with the team in Westchester this week according to SNY’s Colin Martin.

Thabeet was with the team a few weeks ago participating in scrimmages with the team.  The Knicks have a open roster spot for this upcoming training camp.

Thabeet worked out for both the Milwaukee Bucks and Denver Nuggets.  When last reported, the Bucks had the most interest in the former number 2 pick.  The Knicks already have multiple centers and a healthy amount of power forwards on the roster.

Signing Thabeet makes sense for training camp and tutoring the future center Mitchell Robinson.  However, keeping Thabeet on the team for longer after training camp does not make that much sense.

Thabeet is getting older and the Knicks are getting younger.  Signing Thabeet would give the Knicks a full roster for training camp.  How he would be used besides helping Robinson and the team is yet to be determined.


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