NBA Agent Shares Positive Outlook On Free Agents Playing For The New York Knicks

New York Knicks, RJ Barrett
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There have been questions on whether or not free agents have any kind of desire to play for the New York Knicks. NBA Agent Mayar Zokaei doesn’t believe the negative narrative surrounding the Knicks in terms of gaining star free agents are true. Mayar Zokaei knows that negative narrative is completely false actually.

Jonathan Macri of Knicks Film School conducted a podcast interview with NBA Agent Mayar Zokaei in early May. They discussed life as an NBA agent and the business side of the NBA in general. Then Jonathan Macri asked a great question towards the end of the podcast 44:35. It’s definitely a question many Knick fans want to know. Jonathan Macri asked the following question:

“You’ve had a lot of dealings with the Knicks over the last year plus, generally how was the experience? Knick fans are always wondering about the people leading their team and is this an organization players want to play for, is this a good place an agent feel like his player can grow their career, like what would you have to say to Knick fans asking themselves those questions”?

Mayar Zokaei’s response was:

“Some of the craziest s*** that I hear is about James Dolan. Some have no idea how passionate this guy is about his team, how he will spend whatever it takes to make that team a winner, how he stays in his lane and allows the people he hires to do their job, and how he’s willing to move on from his mistakes and is always willing to eradicate those mistakes and find something that’s better. At one point the Knicks were paying three different head coaches. Half the NBA teams wouldn’t do that, they’d rather stick to one coach until their contract runs out. James Dolan, he has put his life, his sweat, his tears, his money, so much money into that organization and just seeing that narrative around him is and who he is, take it from somebody who was inside I was a little bit removed from it, I wasn’t seeing James Dolan everyday. The conversations I’ve had with Mr Dolan during summer-league, a bit of a more casual environment you know that guy loves the Knicks and he puts his heart and soul into the Knicks. Everything is first class with the Knicks and he treats his players right”.

Mayar Zokaei then states:

“There are players I talk to right now on other teams that are 2-3 years into their NBA deals that will potentially become max guys on their second contract that will do almost anything to play for the New York Knicks”.

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