LeBron James will never be on the New York Knicks

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There are some New York Knicks rumors and chatter out there that just doesn’t need to happen.  LeBron James coming to New York is one of them.

The New York Post’s Marc Berman thinks there’s a possibility of him playing for the Knicks.  ‘I will never rule this one out — especially for his last season before retiring’ Berman says.

Well one thing is for certain, I’m here to say that will never happen.  LeBron James will never play for the Knicks.

Yes, James said he loves playing in the Garden but who doesn’t.  Michael Jordan said the Garden was his favorite place to play too. But he he come play for the Knicks?  Um, no. He wanted to win.

Why would James leave a winning team for one of the worst in the league?  Yes, he did it with the Cavaliers on the second go around but that was his hometown.  New York isn’t and the Knicks are constantly losing.  Not a chance.

Players these days don’t care about the rich history of the Knicks.  They want to win and win now.  The Knicks aren’t winning. Other superstars or even above average players aren’t coming to the Knicks.  Why do people think the games best player will come to a, currently, dysfunctional franchise?  Makes no sense.

Everyone is talking about James being able to play with his son, Bronny Jr.  But, there’s no guarantee that his son will even be on the Knicks. This whole conversation is just ridiculous.

Just by writing this people will think this is click bait.  But other major publications, The New York Post, are covering it so why not.  But in reality, LeBron James is never playing for the New York Knicks.