Knicks sign promising guard to Exhibit 10 contract

NBA: G League-Showcase Cup-Memphis Hustle at Westchester Knicks, Obadiah Noel

While the New York Knicks‘ primary focus might be on a high-profile transaction, they are not neglecting their efforts to boost roster depth. They are also bringing in personnel for training camp, with the upcoming season just on the horizon.

The Knicks recently re-signed Duane Washington Jr., and now, reports suggest that they’ve also brought back 24-year-old guard Obadiah Noel. Last season, Noel was part of the Westchester Knicks’ squad.

Obadiah Noel’s Performance Recap With the Knicks

During his time with Westchester, Noel appeared in 29 games, where he averaged 26.7 minutes and 10.6 points per game. His shooting performance was impressive, with a 48.7% success rate from the field and a 37.7% three-point shooting accuracy. Noel’s contract with the Knicks is an Exhibit 10 agreement, which offers a one-year minimum salary without any additional bonuses.

At the age of 24, the Knicks are hopeful that Noel will make significant developmental strides. However, given that the team has already awarded several two-way contracts, including those to Jaylen Martin, Dylan Windler, and Nathan Knight, the odds of this happening appear slim. It seems safe to assume that the Knicks have wrapped up their young player recruitment, and Noel will likely return to the Knicks’ G-League affiliate.

From Undrafted to Signed: Noel’s Journey

Following the 2021 NBA draft, Noel was an undrafted free agent. He initially signed with Raptors 905 before eventually finding his way to Westchester. While this move doesn’t have a high impact on the Knicks’ strategy, it contributes to the off-season activity. Over the next few months, the Knicks will continue to acquire NBA caliber players, enhancing their team’s strength and performance for the forthcoming season.

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