Knicks News: Win over Spurs fuels seed competition, Tom Thibodeau details importance of playoffs

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The New York Knicks are doing everything in their power to improve their seeding in the Eastern Conference as the 2021 regular season comes to a close. With just two games left, the Knicks currently sit in the 6th seed but have secured a playoff spot nonetheless. Thanks to a Boston Celtics loss on Wednesday, they guaranteed NY a spot in the postseason, rather than playing-in as the 7-10 seeds must do.

However, a big victory over the San Antonio Spurs put the Knicks on the right track as they prepare to take on the Charlotte Hornets and Boston Celtics to close this season. Currently, the Atlanta Hawks are in the 4th seed and Miami Heat in the 5th seed, but all it would take is one win and a loss for either of those teams for New York to shoot back up to number four, where they would have a home-field advantage.

The importance of the postseason for the Knicks is unparalleled, considering it’s been quite some time since we’ve seen a competitive team play at MSG. Head coach time Thibodeau understands the importance of their current venture, and he believes his team is capable of accomplishing much more than they have during the regular campaign.

“Having grown up in Connecticut and being here [as an assistant] in the 1990s with the Knicks and knowing what basketball means to this city, it is great,” Thibodeau said before Thursday night’s game against the Spurs. “The type of guys we have. It reflects all the things this city is about. We are trying to make them proud and give them something they can cheer about.”

Thankfully, Thibodeau has a few key pieces that will help them during the postseason, including All-Star Julius Randle, who recorded 25 points and nine assists in the victory over San Antonio. In addition, his counterpart RJ Barrett earned 24, and Alec Berks 30, looking rejuvenated after contracting COVID-19 several weeks ago. Burks shot better than 50% from the field in the win, also posting 10 rebounds, one of his higher marks for the season in the category.

As long as this Knicks team is healthy, they can compete against anyone in the postseason. Veteran point guard Derrick Rose sat out against the Spurs with a left ankle sprain, so hopefully, he will be back in the lineup shortly after a few days rest.

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