Knicks’ Josh Hart preparing to sign 4-year, $81 million extension

New York Knicks guard Josh Hart (3) reacts after being ejected from the game during the second half against the Indiana Pacers at Madison Square Garden
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The New York Knicks are taking a significant step to strengthen their roster by extending the contract of one of their vital players, Josh Hart. This move comes as Hart’s importance to the team has been made more apparent over the past season. Here’s an in-depth look at this upcoming deal.

Contract Details

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, Josh Hart is on the brink of signing a four-year, $81 million contract extension with the Knicks. The deal’s final touches are expected to be completed on Wednesday.

This agreement comes as Hart represents Team USA in the FIBA World Cup and follows his acceptance of a player option for the 2023–24 season at $12.9 million. This will allow the Knicks to maintain lower costs and sign other key players.

Hart’s Performance: A Season Review

Josh Hart’s last season was marked by strong performances, with his time split between the Portland Trailblazers and the New York Knicks.

With the Portland Trailblazers

While with Portland, Hart averaged:

  • 9.5 points
  • 8.2 rebounds
  • 3.9 assists
  • .504 shooting percentage from the field

After Joining the Knicks

Hart’s production increased significantly once he became a Knick. In 25 games, with only one start, his averages were:

  • 30 minutes per game
  • 10.2 points
  • 7.0 rebounds
  • 3.6 assists
  • 1.4 steals
  • .586 shooting percentage from the field
  • .519 hit rate from three-point range
  • .672 effective field-goal rate

The Energizer Off the Bench

Hart’s ability to energize the team off the bench is widely acknowledged, and his role is set to expand in the upcoming season. His excellent defense and rebounding qualities have proved to be a catalyst for New York, particularly during the playoffs. Even when battling an ankle injury, Hart stood out as one of the team’s best performers against the Miami Heat, highlighting his indispensable role.

Role in Donte DiVincenzo’s Signing

Beyond his on-court contributions, Hart played an instrumental role in convincing Donte DiVincenzo, formerly of the Golden State Warriors, to sign a four-year, $47 million extension with the Knicks. DiVincenzo’s acquisition adds to the team’s three-point shooting prowess, spacing, and defensive solidity.

Creating a Villanova Trio

With Hart, DiVincenzo, and star point guard Jalen Brunson, the Knicks have assembled a trio of Villanova standouts, enhancing the team’s overall chemistry and capability.

A Strategic Move for the Knicks

Josh Hart’s contract extension with the New York Knicks is more than a mere transaction; it’s a strategic move to ensure the retention of a player who has become vital to the team’s success. Hart’s ability to contribute in various aspects of the game, his influence on team signings, and his alignment with the club’s long-term vision make this deal a critical component in the Knicks’ pursuit of excellence. By keeping him until the age of 32, the Knicks are investing in a future that leverages Hart’s unique blend of talent and tenacity.

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