Knicks: Hawks’ GM Travis Schlenk details what Cam Reddish is bringing to New York

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Earlier this season, Cam Reddish requested a trade as a result of his role on the Atlanta Hawks. Subsequently, the Hawks found a trade partner in the New York Knicks, sending Reddish to the Big Apple, providing him an opportunity for a more expanded function.

However, there are concerns that Reddish is entering a situation that might be a bit murkier than estimated. The Knicks don’t have minutes to give away at this point, which is why head coach Tom Thibodeau indicated he would have to fight for his opportunity to make an impact.

“I don’t know until he gets here,” Thibodeau said last Friday “Our scouts evaluated him and they feel strongly about him, so we’ll see.”

Whether Reddish will be stealing minutes from Quentin Grimes, Obi Toppin, or even Immanuel Quickley, it is yet to be seen if he can make an impact as a small forward on a team that predominantly works with shooting guards and power forwards. Nonetheless, the former Duke star has earned great reviews from many, including Atlanta Hawks GM Travis Schlenk.

“He’s a super high talent. We all see that,” Hawks GM Travis Schlenk said, via The Athletic. “He’s got great length. He’s got great size. He’s got great skill level, but we’re trying to blend the team, so we have to take all of that stuff into consideration. He can certainly go on to have an All-Star-caliber career, and I wouldn’t be shocked at all by that, but he wouldn’t be the first player who didn’t have that All-Star-caliber career with the first team who drafted him either.

This season, Reddish has experienced a tremendous increase in shooting efficiency, elevating his three-point percentage from 26% to 38% in just one off-season. He’s also averaging 11.9 points over 23.4 minutes compared to 11.2 over 28.8 minutes last season.

The statistical developments indicate growth as a player, but the Hawks simply couldn’t find the right role for him, which is why they canvassed the league for a trade.

“Sometimes for whatever the reason, things don’t click. I completely understand where New York comes from. If I was New York and I had (two) first-round draft picks with the way they do and you look at Cam Reddish’s potential, I get that.”

New York has welcomed Reddish with open arms, joining former duke teammate RJ Barrett. Reddish has experienced the volatility of the Knicks’ season so far in just two games, witnessing a paramount wind= over the Atlanta Hawks, his former team, and a devastating loss against the Charlotte Hornets where they lacked energy.

If there is one place Reddish can make a significant impact, it is in the energy department and catalyze breaking cold shooting performances from the team. The Knicks were ice cold against Charlotte, and they could’ve used a spark off the bench. If Reddish can energize his team and give them a chance at a comeback, that could be a handy quality.

However, Cam is still several games away from making a return as he rehabilitates from an ankle injury.

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