Knicks’ Evan Fournier still ‘being held hostage’

Evan Fournier, New York Knicks
Nov 4, 2022; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; New York Knicks guard Evan Fournier (13) warms up before the game against the Philadelphia 76ers at Wells Fargo Center. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Ross-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Knicks and G/F Evan Fournier’s relationship appeared to be nearing its end following a tumultuous second season where Fournier found himself out of the rotation. Considering his evident frustrations and a few candid comments, many anticipated a trade. However, as training camp looms, Fournier is still sporting Knicks colors, prompting many to ask: why?

Post the Knicks’ playoff exit, Fournier made his intentions clear, suggesting he wouldn’t wear a Knicks jersey again. But, as the new season edges closer, Fournier, in a chat with French radio station RTL, has conveyed a more nuanced sentiment.

“I want to leave,” Fournier said. “But beyond leaving, I want to have the opportunity to get some playing time back. That’s all. That’s mostly it.” Fournier would also go on to say that he loves being in New York, but if being traded means another opportunity for the 30-year-old to garner some playing time, that is ultimately what he wants moving forward.

Knicks’ Trade Hurdles: Fournier’s Market Value

The Knicks’ challenge lies in Fournier’s significant $18.9 million paycheck for the upcoming season. With his limited appearances last season, just 14 games to be exact, Fournier’s market value has nosedived, complicating trade prospects for the New York team.

“I don’t have the opportunity to play and even worse, I feel like I’m being held hostage,” Fournier told RTL. “I hope this situation will resolve itself and I especially hope that the Knicks will give me a chance.”

Countdown to Training Camp

As the Oct. 3rd training camp commencement nears, the Knicks’ window to finalize a deal for Fournier shrinks. With the broader NBA trade market relatively calm, Fournier’s departure before camp looks less probable. While the Knicks’ exact plan for Fournier remains a topic of speculation, it’s evident they’re still exploring trade opportunities for the seasoned player.

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