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Knicks’ Enes Kanter Knows The Recipe To Sign Kevin Durant


While most would bet their money on Kevin Durant re-signing with the Golden State Warriors, it would be ignorant to not consider the potential for any other team to snag him in free agency. In this specific scenario, the New York Knicks would grab him, but how?

Knicks’ center Enes Kanter opened up on SiriusXM NBA Radio about the potential for Durant to come to the Big Apple, and how it could happen:

“It is New York. If you are with New York, you’re king of America and king of the world,” Kanter said…

“We are New York. He’s a free agent. We need to use that. We are the best city in the world. That could draw a lot of attention for free agents. I would love for him to be my teammate again. When he was my teammate he was an amazing teammate, amazing character, scorer and basketball player on court and off the court, too. I would love to see him be my teammate again.”

All the things Kanter states in his answer are correct. The appeal of New York is enticing, the money is available, and he would have familiar faces to rely on.

Coming to New York might be the decision that puts Durant in on a different level. He’s been criticized constantly for making the move to Golden State, a team full of All-Star players. Going to the Knicks would put him alongside youngsters in Kevin Knox and Mitchell Robinson, as well as Kristaps Porzingis. If he could bring a championship to NY he would be considered a legend for eternity.


Even if the Knicks managed to bring on Durant, it would likely force them to let Kanter walk, who’s earning $18.6 million in 2018.

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