Kawhi Leonard coming to the New York Knicks is still a pipe dream

New York Knicks to pursue Kawhi Leonard.

The New York Knicks will get a chance to meet with Kawhi Leonard.  The Finals MVP has recently opted out of his contract with the Toronto Raptors.

Leonard has left 21.3 million dollars on the table for next year.  However, he is still ‘considering’ returning to the Raptors.

The Knicks will get an opportunity to meet with Leonard.  There have been reports that the Knicks will ‘aggressively’ pursue this off-season.  While fans remain optimistic, the chances of the Knicks landing Kawhi is slim.

It may even be the biggest pipe dream that the Knicks have had in a while.

Why would Kawhi want to come to the Knicks?  Despite being the mecca of basketball and the biggest stage, the Knicks are not appealing for Kawhi.

The team is rebuilding and far from contending for a championship.  Kawhi just won a NBA Title and Finals MVP.   He is in a good position to continue winning for the rest of his career, whether that is in Toronto or elsewhere.

The Knicks are also in a good position, but what Kawhi is looking for.  Their young talent is still growing, feeling out the NBA and learning to play together.  Kawhi is not interested in that.

The Knicks do have the most cap space in the NBA, 71 million, but money is not everything.  Competing and winning is more.

Leonard will either re-sign with the Raptors or go home to California, playing for the Los Angeles Clippers.

While it all sounds good that the Knicks will ‘aggressively’ go after Kawhi, we have to be realists.  The reality is that he is not choosing the Knicks.  He is not going from the best team to the worst team.  Fans should be happy that the franchise is even getting a chance to pitch Leonard.

The New York Knicks do not have a chance to sign Leonard.