Is Elton Brand A Wise Idea As Potential GM For The New York Knicks?

According to reports from Stefan Bondy of the New York Daily News Wednesday, April 1st 2020, New York Knicks President, Leon Rose is allegedly eyeing Philadelphia 76ers Elton Brand for the General Manager position currently held by Scott Perry on the New York Knicks. Although landing Brand won’t be easy due to Elton Brand’s continuing contractual agreement with the Philadelphia 76ers beyond this season, Leon Rose potentially believes bringing aboard Elton Brand will fix the Knicks.

Honestly, I don’t know all the answers, however, Elton Brand becoming the next hired force in the painful to watch organization by the name of the New York Knicks sounds nightmarish.

It also doesn’t help that Brand was quite the most short-term visionary on the 76ers. Brand signed four players to a combined salary amount of $580 million dollars. Those contracts were given to Ben Simmons, Joe Embiid, Al Horford, and Tobias Harris. Elton Brand also made short-sighted trades such as acquiring Jimmy Butler without even talking to Butler about playing in Philly. Jimmy Butler eventually leaves 76ers. The Philadelphia 76ers’ demise will come sooner than later due to the decisions Elton Brand has made as a GM.

Elton Brand’s resume is muddy so far and he is aiming to win a championship in Philadelphia. The Knicks are looking to currently develop their roster and Elton Brand seems like the opposite. Brand would make an effort to bring a “win-now” approach to the Knicks and trade most if not, all the young talent.

Overall, Bondy of the New York Daily News better is April fooling us Knick fans. Brand just isn’t a fit for the Knicks. Development must be the way to go for New York right now. Selecting the long term roster through the draft must be key. Shortsighted moves are the last thing this Knick organization needs. We are trying to move forward not take five steps backward.

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