Former New York Knicks Superstar Kristaps Porzingis Club Altercation

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Former New York Knicks star, Kristaps Porzingis, was involved in a club altercation over the weekend.  Porzingis was out on the town in his homeland of Latvia when this went down.

Videos surfaced showing a bloody, t-shirt ripped Porzingis talking to a few people at first.  Then, he is seen shoving a woman to go plead his case to a police officer.

A lot of information has come about this already, but it is unclear of what is actually accurate at this time.  The Daily News Stefan Bondy announces that Porzingis might have a broken hand due to the scuffle with a ‘local gang’

TMZ suggests that Russians were upset with Porzingis for leaving the Knicks.

Despite what Knicks fans view on Porzingis might be, he did not deserve being jumped for switching teams.  Yeah, fans get upset and can be angry, but this is taking it way out of hand.


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