Former New York Knicks Point-Guard Charlie Ward Has Advice For Kevin Knox

New York Knicks, Kevin Knox

Charlie Ward was the last rookie to get a contract extension from the New York Knicks. Therefore, advice from the former New York Knicks point guard and college football Heisman Trophy winner who’s a favorite target during his quarterbacking football days at Florida State University was Kevin Knox Sr., is crucial for Kevin Knox II to hear, relate to, and understand.

Charlie Ward sat down with media companies Knick Of Time Show and Knickfantv June 3rd, 2020 for a YouTube live stream. The former point-guard stated during the interview:

“Apparently I was the last rookie to get a second contract with the Knicks. So I know he’s hoping he’s that guy who gets a second contract. Hopefully they can keep him around. When your drafted to a team that has a lot of instability, the key is trying to find the things you do well. More importantly, the things that I found as a young player trying to find my way was putting the time in off the court, meaning outside of the games to improve my game each and everyday, and not taking being a first round pick for granted. Putting the time in before practice or after practice, getting shots up, working on my game, being in the community, doing all those things that’s going to keep you around and that’ll make them feel bad about trading you. So you want to make it hard for them to want to trade you. You got to improve upon something each and every year. Hopefully those young guys are doing that. If you comeback the same player each and every year, that means you’re not putting the time in to develop something new. If you don’t improve each and every year that’s when your subject to being one of those guys that’s always in a trade because they don’t see your value.

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