Could the New York Knicks Still Land Anthony Davis?

Should the New York Knicks prioritize Anthony Davis after Kevin Durant injury?

WOW! What just happened at the NBA Draft lottery was unexpected, and changed all of the Anthony Davis rumors. The rumor that the team with the number one overall pick would get Anthony Davis is impossible now. Can the New York Knicks still land Anthony Davis now that they have the third pick in the draft?

One month out from the draft, many experts are quickly saying that Ja Morant will go second overall, many experts are quickly predicting RJ Barrett will go to the Knicks. What if the Pelicans want to pair Zion with Barrett?

How can the New York Knicks find a way to trade for Anthony Davis?

The Pelicans might be intrigued by pairing the former Duke players, to spear there rebuild. The Knicks should be interested in seeing if the Pelicans would accept a package of the #3 pick, Kevin Knox, Frank Ntilikina, and maybe a future pick or another young player.

If I’m the Knicks, I’m getting on the phone immediately with the Pelicans, to see if Anthony Davis still wants out, and seeing what it would take to make sure the Pelicans have picks #1 and #3.


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