Can Chris Paul really change the culture of the New York Knicks?

We’ll keep going with the point guard discussion for the New York Knicks.  Over the last two days, we’ve hit on the possibilities of the Knicks taking a young player in the draft, if possible. Cole Anthony then LaMelo Ball.

We now move onto Chris Paul, again.  Over the last few months, their were reports that the Knicks were “gathering intel” on Paul, 34, to make a possible run at him this summer.

Paul, two-years left on his contract, is still owed $41.4 million next season and $44.2 million in 2021-22.  He has done a nice job with a young Thunder team, getting them into the playoff picture.  The thing is do the Knicks want to go down the path, again, of taking on a massive contract?

Bleacher Reports Greg Swartz believes that trading for Paul could change the Knicks culture.

Paul has had some problem co-existing with other superstar teammates.  He had confrontations with Blake Griffin in Los Angeles then some qualms with James Harden in Houston.  Those teams should had the power to get to the finals but it didn’t work out.  However, with his young Thunder team, Paul could be changing his ways and being the veteran leader.  That may work with the Knicks as well.

The Knicks are also young and could definitely use the veteran leadership that Paul can provide.  Julius Randle tried to take on the leadership role, after the Marcus Morris trade, and look how that turned out.  It would be great for the young guys to, especially Frank Ntilikina, to learn from Paul.  Not only Ntilikina but all young players can consume the knowledge Paul has.

If the Knicks are willing to take on that financial burden of Paul’s contract it may be worth it.  His age also brings caution but it could turn out for the better.  Whatever it may be, the New York Knicks need to address the point guard situation this off-season.