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Any Other New York Knicks Fans Want To Stop The Gossip?

by Bob Konarski
Brooklyn Nets, Boston Celtics, Kyrie Irving

The New York Knicks are putting everything into this upcoming off-season.  It’s starting to get sickening.  Don’t get me wrong, I want the Knicks to turn this nightmare around.  But, the more we talk about getting Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and the number one pick, the farther way it gets.

I don’t like to jinx anything when it comes to sports.  Maybe, it’s the former gambler in myself or it’s just my personality.  But, I’m starting to get a bad feeling that Knicks fans are jinxing the team from getting the stars they covet.

Fans see Irving getting frustrated with his team in Boston.  Durant is always frustrated in Golden State with the media.  Instead of them getting frustrated over their team, media or whomever, maybe they’re sick of being linked to the Knicks everyday.

Same with Zion Williamson.  The Duke superstar was interviewed after a game and a reporter mentioned the New York Knicks, he laughed.  Not the sign Knicks fans we’re hoping for.  Then, he mentioned it be cool to play with Kyrie and Durant.  The main point is he laughed at the Knicks organization.  Knicks fans even laugh at the Knicks.

I just really want all Knicks fans on twitter, websites, everywhere to stop talking about getting all these players this off-season because the more we do the worse it’s going to come back into our faces this off-season when we strike out on literally everyone.  Oh, that also means missing out on the first, second or third pick.  That’s just our luck anymore it seems.

If Knicks fans really want to help the Knicks improve, stop talking about what could be.  Key word ‘could’.  Lets let the chips fall where they may and continue to pray that the basketball gods turn our sad situation around.

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