3 players the New York Knicks should look to move on from

The New York Knicks have a couple players with a club option for next season. There are some players that deserve to return and some that don’t. Here’s 3 players that shouldn’t have their option picked up for next season.

Bobby Portis

Portis is still young at 25-years old. He seems a lot older than that.  The biggest issue with him is his contract.  If the Knicks were to pick up his contract it would be $15.75 million.  That’s a lot of money for a guy only playing 21.1 minutes per game.  His stats aren’t great, 10.1 points, 5.1 rebounds and 1.5 assists.  He’s given the Knicks some spark off the bench but it’s never been consistent.  He spends way too much around the arc, looking for 3’s, rather then bang down-low.

The Knicks do need perimeter shooters but not a guy standing at 6’10”.  The Knicks need defense and rebounding, which he barely provides.  If his price tag was lower then bringing Portis back wouldn’t be an issue.  But with how Mitchell Robinson continues to progress it’s better to just cut ties.

Wayne Ellington

While Ellington was brought in for his 3-point shot but just hasn’t panned out.  There were rumors of a possible buyout after the trade deadline but it didn’t happen.  He’s also taking away playing time from younger players.  Daymean Dotson and Alonzo Trier especially saw decreased minutes.

It’s understandable to tryout different lineups since Mike Miller is trying to save his job.  But with what the Knicks are trying to do, rebuild with youth, the 32-year old shooting guard doesn’t fit.  Put that $8 million else where.

Taj Gibson

The 34-year old has played well for the Knicks in the starting lineup but he’s making a lot of money for his age. He’ll receive $9 million next season and turns 35.  However, if the team doesn’t renew his contract they’ll still have to pay him $1 million next season.  Again, the Knicks are looking to go forward with youth and as Robinson progresses, he’ll eventually be the starting center and should be now.

He does provide a good veteran presence for the team and has been one of their better signings.  But the Knicks should explore trades or a buyout.  That time could be used to give the high-flying Kenny Wooten from Westchester a shot.  The New York Knicks should look to renegotiate the contract or let him go.